R. Kelly’s Money Woes Continue, Might Be Headed to Jail Again

Posted On : April 16, 2019

R. Kelly is living in the season of ‘when it rains it pours’. These days everyone is in R. Kelly’s pockets–the only thing is– this is the worst time for companies and people to sue Kels as his money has plummeted in recent months and his ability to make new music without the backing of a major label is difficult.

Kelly who has been out of the limelight due to his mounting legal and financial issues–had to find a way to get some cash flow as he has a $20,000 child support bill to pay monthly.

As previously,  reported by TMZ Kelly came out of hiding last week for a paid club appearance at the Dirty South Lounge in Springfield, Illinois, where he interacted with the small crowd and belted out the opening line to his hit song “Bump N’ Grind.” Sources with knowledge of Kelly’s deal says the embattled singer was paid $22k for his 1-hour appearance. We’re told Kelly pocketed $20k, and paid his booking agent $2k.

Kelly had a nightclub gig where he pleaded for the media to “take it easy on him”

R. Kelly’s ex Drea Kelly was happy to see that he booked a gig and of course was anticipating the support amount but it never came after Kelly’s club gig.

R. Kelly Misses Payments

The singer has missed his last two months of child support payments to Drea after he was just arrested in early March for a $161,633 delinquency coming right after being arrested for sexual abuse charges. He’s required to pay $20,833 a month to his ex.

What will the judge do, next>>>