R.Kelly’s Publicist Backs Out Of Plan To Reunite Girlfriend With Family After Releasing Phone Call

Posted On : March 23, 2019

The Recorded Negotiation & More…

In a phone call, that Johnson reportedly released to the public, between himself and the Savage’s representative, they’re trying to decide on which city Joycelyn will meet with her parents. Apparently, Joycelyn (and probably R. Kelly too) only wants to see her parents, Tim and Jonjelyn Savage, in Chicago, IL. The Savages do not want to meet in Chicago and instead are trying to meet in a “third party” city outside of Chicago.

They also tried to determine the amount of time Joycelyn will have to sit with her parents – 10, 20, 30 minutes, etc.. At the end of the call, Johnson made it clear that if he sees any wrongdoing on either end- R. Kelly’s or the family’s- he is “out” and would no longer be involved in the negotiation process.

Now, R. Kelly’s publicist’s latest decision to step away from the ‘meeting’ negotiations comes after several attempts have been made.

Darrell Johnson told TMZ ‘the meeting was only canceled because Joycelyn insisted on it going down in Chicago, while her family was demanding it happen someplace between Chicago and Atlanta.’

The Savages’ attorney, Gerald Griggs, seemed frustrated with the negotiation when he told The Blast, “It has been 15 days and we have not heard one peep from Kelly’s camp about the meeting.”

Like I said, this is just weird as hell. Joycelyn Savage is an adult. If she wants to go have a chit-chat with her parents, she should pick up the doggone phone and say ‘Hey mama, dad, I’mma drop by y’all house to come visit today…y’all gonna be there?’ And boom…problem solved! It’s a free country people. Or is it, for Joycelyn at least?

Let me be straight up with you ILOSM fam,’ after recent revelations about Mr. and Mrs. Savage, I must admit that I have some reservations about them now. However, I’m with them on some things and this whole ‘negotiation process’ makes Joycelyn sound like a sheltered, scared, controlled child…and just like the Savages alleged- it also makes her sound “brainwashed”…just sayin.’