R.I.P. To Tina Turner’s Son, Found Dead Moments After Tina Walked Red Carpet, Details…

Posted On : July 3, 2018

We are sending uplifting energy and love to Tina Turner and her family at this time. It’s just been reported that her eldest son, Craig Raymond Turner, has been found dead inside of his home.

Tina Turner and her now deceased son, Craig Raymond Turner (via Facebook)

Details Of Son’s Suicide

So far, the details that have been released about Craig Turner’s passing, are that he apparently killed himself. Here’s what’s been confirmed:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Craig Raymond Turner died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his home in Studio City, CA. Authorities arrived at his place just after noon Tuesday and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Tina’s son was 59 years old and a known realtor in San Fernando Valley, California. At this time, no details have been released regarding a possible motive for his suicide or whether or not he left a suicide note. See further details about him below…

He Was The Son Of Ike Turner’s Band Member

Although Craig had Ike Turner’s last name, he was not his biological child. Craig is Tina’s biological son from her prior relationship with saxophonist, Raymond Hill- a former member of her Ike Turner’s band. The two were in a relationship when Tina gave birth to their son, Craig, at age 18- prior to Tina becoming romantically involved with Ike. After she and Ike married in 1962, Ike adopted Craig and gave him his last name.

Craig’s biological father, Raymond, passed away in 1996 and his adopted father, Ike, took his final breathe in 2007.

At this point, it is also unclear if Craig -who lived his life away from the spotlight- has any children, or spouse, but as we get new details we’ll be sure to update you all about them

Tina Spotted On Red Carpet In Paris Just Before Son’s Body Was Discovered

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Tina Turner was spotted in Paris moments before her son was found dead. Her last public appearance was today (Tuesday, July 3, 2018), when she walked the red carpet at Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week for the Giorgio Armani runway show (see above photo). Sadly, no one had a clue about the tragic news she was going to receive just hours after her happy red carpet appearance.

She currently resides in Switzerland with her husband, Erwin Bach. She gave up her American citizenship some years ago. In addition to her son, Craig, she has one other son, Ronnie Turner, with her late ex, Ike Turner.

May Craig Raymond Turner rest peacefully and be free from whatever was apparently too much for him to bare in this life. Condolences to Tina and her family at this tragic time.