Ralph Tresvant Shared Emotional Message & Pics On Son’s Graduation & Daughter’s B-Day

Posted On : June 27, 2017
Ralph Tresvant

New Edition’s Ralph Tresvant (49) was looking like the proud pops he is when his son graduated from high school this earlier this month (June 9, 2017). Not only was he happy to have a son graduating high school, he was also hella happy about his daughter, Na’Quelle, turning 28 on the same day as his son’s graduation.

Ralph is the father of four children: three with his first wife, Shelly- Na’Quelle, Mariah, and Ralph, Jr.; and one son with his wife, Amber Serrano- his youngest child, Dakari Tresvant.

Dakari had his parents smiling from ear to ear on graduation day and it seems like just yesterday he looked like this…

Throwback photo of Ralph Tresvant’s son, Dakari

These days, the young brotha is towering over his “Cool It Now” pops and looks like this…

As you will see from the below Instagram graduation captions of both Ralph and Amber- Ralph’s wife since 2004-  they are extremely happy about their son’s graduation and his progress thus far. Check out their posts below (be sure to swipe left to view all of the graduation pics of Ralph and his fam’)…

Dakari Tresvant’s Graduation Photos

Ralph’s Emotional Messages To His Son & Daughter

Ralph posted this message to his son, Dakari, for his graduation and also to his 1st born child, Na’Quelle, for her 28th birthday…

Ralph’s 28 year old daughter, NaQuelle Tresvant, with her daddy…

Ralph with his daughter, NaQuelle

Ralph’s adorable grandbaby with her mommy, NaQuelle…

Dont get any cuter than this!!! Look at my ZZ's duck lips!!! MUUUUUUUAAAAAAHZ!!!!

A post shared by Ralph Tresvant (@therealralphtresvant) on

What a blessing it is to have happy, healthy children and to be able to watch them flourish in life. We wish the best for Ralph and his fam’…it looks like he’s done an incredible job as a father. On a side note, y’all make sure you check out Ralph’s new album, Rizzo: It’s Lonely At The Top. It just released a few days ago.

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