Rapper, Future Is Being Roasted on Twitter After Ciara’s Husband Secures A $140 Million Contract

Posted On : April 19, 2019

Futre, Ciara, Russell Wilson

They say the best revenge is living a good life, and that is exactly what rapper Future Hendrix’s ex-fiance Ciara is doing. As you’ve heard Russell Wilson is now the hugest paid player in NFL history. That news that is a tough pill for someone with an ego like Future’s to swallow. Future has even compared his earning to Russells– without using his name in a song written while  Ciara’s been with Russell.

Why would Future feel some type of way about Ciara’s luck you might ask? Because she’s Leveled Up! Meanwhile Future has popped out one child and another on the way and he’s not with either child’s mother. He let a good one get away and has to see his son being raised by another man which his son loves and not only is this man a wonderful loving husband to Ciara but he’s also now the richest NFL player and richer than Future.

On a now-deleted Instagram post– Future even captioned,

“Sacrifice true love to live a lifestyle I could never imagine… u only live once,”

There was no way for people to pinpoint who Future was speaking of exactly or if he was speaking about anyone at all but to know that this is how he thinks was really off-putting to some fans and followers.

So Twitter took no mercy on him and rubbed Russell’s recent success in his face.

Twitter’s Reactions

(@Romey_Da_Homie) 4 years/140 million for the “lame dude”. Russell makes more in one year now than Future’s whole net worth  I wanna see the Future fan boys laugh at that lol. Ciara really took “I Bet” to heart and made it a reality lol.

(@Mister_Blake) Ladies avoid any man who hates on Ciara and Russell & calls him lame & corny cuz he a future fan. Unless u wanna be a single mother

(SmooveQ82) Stop messing with those future’s and get you a Russell Wilson. Why women choose the street dude with several baby mommas always was a head scratcher to me

(@TheJazzyBelle) I WOULD NEVER STOP LAUGHING. RT @CheerwinePapi: Russell Wilson should buy Future’s masters.

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