Rarely Discussing Their Relationship, Cassie Finally Talks About Marriage With Diddy

Posted On : October 13, 2017

Cassie and Diddy have been together for years. In fact, they’ve been together so long fans have often wondered if the two secretly tied the knot some time ago and opted not to share details about the relationship to keep their private life out of the public eye.

So are Cassie and Diddy really married? During her recent interview with Hot 97, Cassie opened up about their relationship and it leads many fans to wonder about what’s really goin’ on, reports Oxygen.

Love, Peace, and…Marriage?:

Unlike many other celebrity couples, Diddy and Cassie’s relationship is rarely discussed in the media as they live a relatively private life. But surprisingly, Cassie had no problem answering the big question about marriage. She admitted that they aren’t marriage, but she also explained that their relationship actually works the way it is. “We have a certain type of relationship and it just works the way it is,” she explained. When asked if she believes marriage is for everyone, she offered a brutality honest, yet realistic response. “No. Absolutely not.”

“I believe in marriage if it’s with the right situation, but I feel like, I’ve seen a lot of people get married and break up in the time that I’ve been in my relationship,” she said. “I feel like you can’t really put a tag on it. Everybody looks at marriage as something very solid and important, but we have a solid relationship.”

Why It Works:

As far Cassie’s relationship with Diddy is concerned, she admitted that she’s unsure whether marriage would be the right step for their relationship based on the lifestyle they live.

“My lifestyle is so different from everyone else’s that I don’t know if marriage would be conducive to me sitting here with you right now and having my own stuff,” she said. “But I do believe in marriage. I do believe in love.”

Unfortunately, Cassie didn’t confirm if she and Diddy would consider making things official later on down the line, but for now, the relationship works just the way it is.

Cassie definitely has lots of stuff going on with the new short film, Love A Loser. It dropped last week and seems to be a tie-in to her recently released single of the same name.