This Rarely Seen “Belly” Actress Is As Stunning Today As Ever..Her Sister’s Famous Too

Posted On : July 10, 2018
taral hicks2
Taral Hicks in “Belly” (via screen-grab)

If you’ve seen the 90’s gangster film, Belly, or even if you’ve watched A Bronx Tale back in the day, chances are you probably remember actress/singer, Taral Hicks Dawson, very well. She played the dressed-to-kill ride or die girlfriend of rapper DMX’ character, “Tommy Bunds” in Belly and the shy around the way chick in A Bronx Tale, who caught a little flack for falling in love with her Italian boyfriend in the movie.

We were wondering what happened to this beautiful woman who seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth soon after Belly. She had also signed to Motown Records and released her 1995 album, “This Time,” which peaked at number 4 on Billboard and featured her cover of Deniece Williams’ song, “Silly,” but we didn’t really hear much from her on the music end after that either.

Actress, Taral Hicks, NOW!

We did a lil’ bit of diggin’ and came up with gold because we found her and let’s just say that time has most definitely been on her side. Taral is 43 years old now and is married with two children, but the biggest shocker of them all is what she does for a living now. Scroll down to check her out now…

taral hicks now10
Taral Hicks (via Instagram)

See what we mean? Mrs. Taral Hicks Dawson is still FINE! It looks like she hasn’t aged a day since 1998, when her character, “Keisha” was beefin’ with her boyfriend, “Tommy Bunds” (DMX) in Belly! Go ‘head Taral, looking good!

So what’s she been up to nowadays? Although she still gets small acting gigs here and there, her full time job is teaching. That’s right, Taral is a school teacher in the state of in New Jersey. Could you imagine dropping your kid off at school and finding out his teacher is “Keshia?” That would be kinda cool, now that I think about it.

Anyways, Taral loves teaching the youngins, raising her two sons, and being a devoted wife to her husband, Loren Dawson. From the looks of it, she’s found her true purpose in life and that’s a beautiful thing.

taral hicks and family
Taral with her husband, Loren Dawson and their two sons (via Facebook)

Taral has starred in several stage plays in recent years, including the play, “Soulmate.”  BUT WAIT…There’s more…

Her Sister’s An Actress & Singer Too!

Taral Hicks sister, actress/singer D'atra Hicks
Taral Hicks sister, actress/singer D’atra Hicks

Here’s an Old School fun fact about Taral: Her big sister is the actress/singer best known for starring in Tyler Perry’s stage plays, D’atra Hicks. You may also recognize her sis’ from her recent comical appearance on divorce court, where she was divorcing her husband and singing about it at the same time in court, LOL. Check out a clip of her below…

And there you have it ILoveOldschoolMusic family. We love seeing our Old School celebs still maintaining and living well. We can’t wait to see what Taral has in store for us in the future.