Raven Symone’s DAD Gives BRUTAL Honesty About Her Racial Comments

Posted On : October 11, 2015

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Raven Symone is a an incredible actress, but among the Black community, she’s probably one of the most annoying former kid stars ever right about now.
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After her most recent offensive comment she made on The View, where she implied that some Black people’s names are too ghetto for her to ever even think about hiring to work for her, Black folks swarmed to social media to voice their anger and called for her to be replaced, after being offended by her statements on for what feels like the 50th time (although it’s probably closer to maybe 5-10 times since she’s been on the show). Well now, her Dad, Christopher B. Pearman, spoke out on his Facebook page to express his deep love for his daughter, but also dissappointment over her recent comments.
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Raven’s dad actually made a good point- we can train a child in a way that we want them to go, but sometimes when they grow up, they actually do depart from that. It doesn’t lessen our unconditional love for our kids, even if we think they are doing something really stupid at that time.

raven symone9 We give Raven’s dad respect for letting the world know how he feels about this. Raven is human and she will make mistakes just like the rest of us, but she probably needs to take some time to re-evaluate her world and the world around her, and then come back out with some more rational opinions/views.  There’s one thing we can actually respect about Raven though- it’s the fact that she always speaks her mind, which is like somewhat of a rarity when dealing with celebs, who so often try to hide the real them in public, out of fear of backlash. Well Raven doesn’t have that fear, but her views are sometimes slightly ill-informed in my humble opinion. It would be great for her if she kept that outspokenness, but maybe next time she should do more research, soul-searching, history lessons, whatever, to make sure that she isn’t stereotyping others and that she’s giving a fair assessment with her views, because when speaking on such a huge mainstream platform, like The View, her words can either add to unjust stereotypes, or help to eliminate them altogether.

Raven, being an openly gay woman, should understand firsthand what it’s like for people to unfairly judge her based on factors that she cannot change, which is what she did when she judged some African Americans based on their names. We can only hope that she’s learned a valuable lesson from this one, because again, she’s human and just like the rest of us, she makes mistakes.

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