Ray Charles’ Granddaughter Said Steven Seagal Did WHAT To Her?!!

Posted On : June 29, 2015

BLOG blair ray and steenMeet Blair Robinson. She is the granddaughter of of the late, great Ray Charles a.k.a. Ray Charles Robinson and she is the daughter of Ray’s son, Ray Charles Robinson Jr. (see a pic of him on page 3 of this story).

There was a lawsuit Blair filed against actor, Steven Seagal, in 2010 over a horrible incident that allegedly happened between her and Seagal…this is news to me though, never heard about it until recently. In fact, most of us over here hadn’t heard about what went down (allegedly) between Blair and Seagal until recently, so we decided to share this info with you.

grandaughter blair robinson

Long story short: Blair met Steven Seagal at her Grandfather’s funeral in 2004. Soon after that, Seagal offered her a job as his personal assistant and that’s when the mess hit the fan!

According to Blair, Steven Seagal allegedly tried to…