R&B Diva’s Stacy Francis Slams Rihanna After Chris Brown Finally Tells Truth About Fight

Posted On : October 20, 2017

If y’all haven’t watched Chris Brown’s new Netflix documentary, Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life, then you missed quite an eye opening experience regarding his life and the infamous 2009 Rihanna fight. The world got to see Chris in a whole new light, after watching him discuss the true details of what really went down the night he brutally beat Rihanna and ended up in jail. Turns out, although he did an extremely horrific thing that no man should ever do, he also displayed a new level of maturity and character that many didn’t know he had.

Chris Brown and Rihanna years after their 2009 fight

In the documentary, Brown didn’t try to paint a pretty picture of what happened in the car that night. He admitted how he punched Rihanna with a closed fist, left a knot on her head, and busted her lip. In detailing how that all transpired, he also revealed that because he ‘loved and still loves’ Rihanna, he wanted to “protect her” for the part she played in their fight.

Chris Brown Gives Surprising Details About Fight w/Rihanna

It started after Rihanna went into a jealous rage, thinking Chris was still messing around with his former employee. In order to prove he was not, Chris volunteered to let Rihanna go through his phone and check a text message from the woman. Although there was no indication they had anything going on anymore, Rihanna didn’t believe him. So as Chris was driving them home from the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party, Rihanna started punching, kicking, and scratching him in the face and head first.

Chris Brown speaking on violent fight with Rihanna in his Netflix documentary

He was yelling at her to get her to stop. As he was still driving, he said Rihanna then grabbed his testicles really hard and wouldn’t let go. That’s when he flipped out and punched her in the face. She threw his phone out of the window, he then pulled over and they were crying, arguing, and trading blows by then. Then Chris says he just stopped and was crying, telling her he didn’t want to do that to her anymore. He gave her the keys, said he would walk home, and told her to drive herself back home. As he was getting his bag out of the trunk and preparing to walk off, she started screaming ‘Help, he’s trying to kill me!’ out of the window and he couldn’t believe it.

“I Felt Like A Monster”

Brown admitted the whole thing started from something extremely “petty” and he is very remorseful for hitting the woman he says he still loves to this day. He says he felt like “a monster” for what he did to Rihanna and became suicidal after that, hating that he reminded himself of his stepdad, who used to brutally beat his mother.

Why He Never Revealed This?

Chris says he never came forward with this info until now, because he knows he was also wrong and never wanted to blame Rihanna, nor hurt her reputation. So he immediately pled guilty and never brought it up in court to try to get lesser punishment. He spent 90 days in the ‘hole’ in prison, and didn’t get off probation until 2013. Now it explains why Rihanna eventually pushed for him to get lesser punishment- because she too played a part in it.

Stacy Francis Goes Off On Rihanna

Stacy Francis of “R&B Divas” and “X Factor”

Stacy Francis, like many others, is now calling out Rihanna for not telling the entire story. Here’s what she wrote in an online rant about it:

“LET’S GET THIS STRAIGHT FINALLY! RIHANNA WAS BEATING UP CHRIS BROWN!” “Watching Chris Brown: Welcome to my life documentary on Netflix. And I am so blown away by his talent. I remember the night I heard about the fight with Chris and Rihanna. I was at the home of a very famous entertainment attorney in Los Angeles whose phone started ringing and the hysteria began. It was being reported that Chris and Rihanna were in the car and got into a huge fight.”

“NOW WHAT HAD NOT BEEN REPORTED WAS!!! Rihanna had hit him and kicked him and thrown his phone out of the window in a jealous rage. We were told by an agent at CAA that he was being kicked by her and she scratched him and punched him in the face… and he retaliated. The next day it was all over the news that Chris had beat up Rihanna. It was never reported that she hit him. In several beatings by Rihanna. Chris never spoke of it. Until now in this documentary.”

“The insiders in the industry knew the truth. They knew all the facts. If you are wondering why and how Chris still has a career. If you are wondering why he is able to still have a platform its because the powers that be knew the truth. And because he is super talented! This was a 17 year old boy with a father who abused his mother. In the car with a young woman who also had an awful temper. And the public was actually on a witch hunt and didn’t know it. I love Chris Brown. It’s disgusting how people in the industry keep secrets…smh.. Watch his documentary on Netflix. Wake up to the lies and embellishment of the media.”