Ready for a New Image, Birdman Removing His Facial Tattoos

Posted On : April 5, 2019

Cash Money Records CEO, Birdman is ready for a new look. The CEO and rapper recently celebrated his 50th birthday and feels that it’s time to get rid of his facial tattoos.

A New Age, A New Look

The 50-year-old businessman sat down on the Wendy Williams Show alongside rapper Juvenile to discuss his relationship with the artist as well as rapper Lil Wayne. Birdman has over a dozen tattoos on his face as well as a tattoo on his head. Although he plans on keeping the head tattoo, he feels that it’s time to get rid of the ones on his face. He told the talk show host,  “I was asking my partner, 50 Cent ’cause he removed his tattoos. So I wanted to go to somebody who can take these tats off my face.”

Even though Birdman wants to have the tattoos removed, he is not opposed to keeping them if the procedure is not possible. “If I have to live with it, I will. I just felt like, me being older, I would like to get it off. But if not, it is what it is.” The businessman added, “I just think at this point in my life, I don’t need that. That stereotypes you,” he said. “It takes away from the business and certain things.”

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