Reality Star Tommie Lee Reportedly Tried To Check Into Mental Health Program, But Was Denied

Posted On : April 18, 2019

No Treatment Means Possible Jail Time

When you’re a repeat offender it is hard to get a good deal. In Tommie Lee’s case, It’s her past has crept up to bite her in the behind. Seems like the former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star is having a difficult time escaping her past with the law. Despite her many efforts to seek help from a mental health program, ultimately prosecutors are not here for it.

According to TMZ, the Assistant District Attorney determined Tommie’s criminal history and background make her ineligible for the program. They continued saying that would “make her an inappropriate candidate for an accountability court.”

As we previously reported, Tommie submitted a petition in her child abuse case to allow her to get treatment for a serious mental illness. She confessed to having bipolar disease in a previous interview. Her time in the program would have spared her from having to serve jail time. So that means she might actually face some jail time if she is convicted.

Back in January Tommie was indicted in on multiple child abuse charges for allegedly assaulting her daughter at school. She is currently facing 7 charges and could face up to 54 years in prison if convicted. Prior to her indictment, Tommie was arrested twice in connection to this case. First for an alleged assault in October. Then again less than 24 hours for violating a court order to stay away from her daughter. Lee had allegedly thrown her daughter into the lockers at her school amongst other accusations.

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