Her Mom’s A Popular 90s TV Actress, But You’ll Never Guess Who!

Posted On : May 14, 2016

This young lady is the 20 year old daughter of an actress who first hit the scene in the mid 90’s. Both she and her mother have had a little bit of controversy surrounding their names and most recently, the daughter was involved in a highly publicized domestic dispute situation. She looks a lot like her Mother. See if you can figure this one out, then find out if you were correct below…


RECENT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DISPUTE In April of this year (2016), Cassalei was involved in an alleged domestic violence dispute with her Disney actor boyfriend, Christopher Massey, 26 (pictured above). Massey is a one of the stars of the hit Disney TV show, "Zoey 101." Massey was charged with domestic violence against Cassalei after he allegedly pushed her during their argument in a Las Vegas night club. All along, Massey never denied that they had an argument, but he said that he never touched Cassalei and that during the argument she tripped and fell down. Apparently the court felt that Massey was innocent also because a few days ago, his domestic violence charges were dropped. Cassalei didn't press charges, but the courts could have still charged him if they felt he was guilty. All throughout, her mom was right there by her side...check out who her mother is>>>

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