Regina King Tells Amazing Unknown Facts About Marla Gibbs & Gibbs Thanks Her For It

Posted On : July 12, 2018

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Actress, Marla Gibbs, is a true legend, who’s also highly underrated and deserves her just due. Her former “227” co-star, Regina King, shares that same sentiment. That’s why she recently let fans know exactly what type of pioneer we’re looking at when we see Ms. Gibbs, who throughout 40+ decades in the game, has accomplished far more than most ever knew.

Regina King Pays Homage To Gibbs & Lets Fans Why We Should Too

At 87 years young, Marla Gibbs is still wow’ing us, especially after hearing what Regina King had to say about her. Regina recently paid homage to the legend on two separate occasions.

First, she dedicated an Instagram tribute to Ms. Gibbs for her 87th birthday on June 14, 2018. In doing so, Regina let her fans know just how much of a pioneer Marla is and how much Gibbs taught her.
On what she learned from Gibbs:

Happy Worthday Mama! @marlagibbs4real is truly a national treasure. From her, I learned how to give to another actor even when the camera i’snt on you. From her I learned the importance of hitting your mark. From her I learned how to find my light. She taught me how to be a professional. And I witnessed firsthand why it was so important to do so, wrote Regina.

On Marla Gibbs’s major, yet largely unknown accomplishments:

“Marla Gibbs was truly one of the first women to sell, produce, and star in her own show, 227. And it ran for 5 seasons on NBC. She did this all while running and owning her own resataurant club, Marla’s Memory Lane. This supperclub was the destination for all the jazz greats. She also owned and ran Crossroads Performing Arts in South Central.Her school provided a space for hundreds of kids to realize their creative gifts. I was one of them.”

In a separate video post, Regina revealed that prior to “227” becoming a televised sitcom, she was already working with Marla for the “227” stage play. She also detailed how much power Marla actually had over her hit NBC show:

“227,” Marla Gibbs…she was truly a trailblazer and I think we don’t mention it enough… We talk about other actors, creators during that time, and Marla was one of the first.

…I got to see that [“227” sitcom] go from being a stage play, to her bringing it to NBC. And Marla starred in it. I played a little girl that lived around the corner from the building, 227, named Sweetie. We did the play at her performing arts center. This amazing three-story place that she OWNED, actually – owned the property. And I remember when she said, ‘You know, I’m gonna take this [the “227” stage play at that time] out…Christine and I are gonna take it out and sell it.’ And my mom telling me about it and they sold it! She [Marla] was the executive producer and I watched her fire some people.”

Marla Gibbs Thanks Regina King For The Love

Marla shared the video to her Instagram page and wrote a sweet message, thanking Regina as well:

marlagibbs4real: Regina…I appreciate you so much and I’m truly honored by how much Love and Acknowledgement you give me!! You were there to participate as a young actress and witnessed the whole “227” process go from a stage play to a tv show on NBC! Love you ALWAYS!!! ❤️😘❤️😘

Marla really is a TRUE OG and her fearless accomplishments in Hollywood deserve praise, props, and applause!