Remember BBD’s Fly Female Dancers? Decades Later They’re Still Together

Posted On : July 10, 2019

BBD dancers: Tee, Nakita, and Deborah
BBD dancers: Tee, Nakita, and Deborah (via Instagram)

In a previous interview with A.M. Caffeine Morning Show, three of the BBD dancers- Deborah, Nikita, and Tee, revealed a lot of interesting fun facts about their time with BBD that we didn’t know.

1. They loved BET’s biopic, The New Edition Story and were honored that they were actually depicted in the movie, because it wasn’t a BBD movie, but an N.E. movie.

2. Str8 Ahead said they met BBD at an L.A. club, called Paradise, while competing in a dance contest Mike Bivins was judging. Ricky told them they “were forming a group called BBD and we wanna know if you can dance to the song.” The ladies admitted they knew of New Edition, but they still didn’t understand what BBD was gonna be because they’d never heard of them. Nonetheless, they were just happy to be working with the “New Edition guys” as they referred to ’em.

3. Str8 Ahead then met up with Brooke Payne (N.E.’s choreographer/manager, etc.) to show off their skills and Brooke told them they were “wack” because they got burned out too quickly. They ultimately up’d their game and made the cut.

4. The routine the ladies performed for Brooke ended up becoming the official “Poison” routine that damn near every BBD fan knows to this day…no matter how rusty many of us may be at actually doing it, LOL.

5. The dancers who were known for their fly outfits said BBD gave them the freedom to pick all of their own clothes. They also revealed that they’re style actually inspired BBD’s then unique style, which we simply know as ‘the BBD look.’

Now pardon me fam’…I’m ’bout to go get my BBD dance on…after seeing the BBD dancers, I can’t resist. Peace…