Remember BET Host Prince Dajour? He Has A Different Career Now, And Beautiful Family

Posted On : June 29, 2022
Throwback photos of former BET host, Prince Dajour, with his then-co-host, Ananda Lewis

ILOSM fam’ make some noise if you remember the days of Teen Summit and Rap City on BET. Well, when it came to BET host, Durik “Prince” Dajour, the ladies loved him, the fellas wanted to emulate him, and his down to earth personality made him an easily likable TV persona for everyone.

We were wondering where in the world Prince Dajour (50) ‘disappeared’ to nowadays, and lo and behold, we found him…and his kids! Y’all already know we’re self-proclaimed truth diggers, here at ILOSM. So it was only right that we did some diggin’ into what he’s doing for a living nowadays…turns out, he’s doing a lot.

After “Teen Summit” Prince DaJour Had To Go Back To “Regular Job”

Former “Teen Summit” and “Rap City’ host, Prince Dajour

Prince Dajour: “When my time was done on Teen Summit – we could only stay until we were in high school – I was trying to find another job, so I could stay on television. At the time, I was at my regular little job.”

Soon Came An Unexpected Call…

BET Saved The Day With “Rap City” Phone Call

PD: “They called me at my job. It was raining outside. They asked, ‘Would you be interested in filling in on Rap City? We want to give you a shot.’ I ran all the way to the subway. I didn’t have anything hip-hop on. I was wearing casual clothes.”

But There Was Just One Problem…

He Almost Didn’t Get The Gig: ‘I Wasn’t Hip Hop Enough’

PD: “When I did the [first] show that day, they said they really liked how I came off. One of the producers said they just didn’t know if I was hip-hop enough.”

Prince Dajour Earned His Ph.D

Not sure what Prince Dajour earned his Ph.D. in, but the most important point is that the brotha earned one in 2013. He confirmed this in a prior interview. He Became A Proud Father…Meet His Kids…

2 Daughters, 2 Grandbabies


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Prince has 2 beautiful daughters, JeourDe (L) and NavarI (R); 1 granddaughter, Ryleigh (center); and 1 infant grandson, Kingston (not pictured).

Meet Milan, Prince Dajour’s Son

Prince Dajour with his son, Milan

His 23-year-old son, Milan Dajour, was a star athlete (basketball, football, and track) at Howard University and his Pops is hella proud

Prince Dajour Is Now A Lecturer, Advice Counselor, And More

Price Dajour’s now a Lecturer and Advice Counselor, who travels the country speaking and spreading positive messages at seminars conferences, workshops, forum settings, and more.

He’s Still Hosting

Prince Dajour also became a radio host for Baltimore’s Magic 95.9, and a gospel radio host for Viacom/CBS’s Heaven 1580 station.

It’s always a beautiful thang to see our favorite celebs from back in the day still making moves in a major way.