Remember “Eddie The Bully” From Good Times? Found Him!!!

Posted On : October 14, 2015

The ‘Lunch Money Rip-Off ‘episode on “Good Times” was one of the most memorable episodes ever. After “Micheal Evans” was picked on by the school bully, he decides to take a different approach and invite him over for the weekend. The bully’s name was “Eddie,” and he spent a weekend with the “Evans” family only to learn a lesson of respect and love. The lesson came in the form of a spanking or like Old Schoolers say, a “whoopin!”

Check Out What Eddie Looks Like Now!

good-times-james-and-eddie-the-bully Well, Eddie's character was played by Robert Douglas Grant, and he also appeared on "The Electric Company" in 1973, and What's "Happening." His most recent TV appearance was on a British TV drama, "Footballers' Wives," where he played a TV sports presenter. But check him out now...  

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No to get too far off the topic, but what happened to kids being spanked? That element is missing from many families today. A child getting a spanking for the right reasons, is interpreted by the child as love. In current times, where many families do not spank their kids, in addition to so many kids being fatherless, is a set-back. Lots of Old Schoolers believe that the absence of the spanking can also be interpreted as a lack of love and caring.