Remember Grady’s Girlfriend? She’s 96 Now &U Won’t Believe How She LOOKS!

Posted On : April 8, 2016
Norma Miller
Norma Miller at 95 years old, 2015

Do y’all see what we see?!! This is Norma Miller a.k.a. “Dolly,” “Grady’s” woman! She turned 96 this year (2016) and I’m sure we all hope that we can be like her when we grow up, should we be so fortunate.

Norma Miller as "Dolly," "Grady's" girlfriend on "Sanford and Son"
Norma Miller as “Dolly,” “Grady’s” girlfriend on “Sanford and Son”

Another interesting fun fact about Norma is that she has been a professional swing dancer all of her life. In case you haven’t heard, Norma is known as the ‘Queen of Swing’ and she’s the last surviving member of a swing dance group, called Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers. But we don’t mean she could just dance, she was cold blooded on the dance floor! Check out this 1941 clip of Norma swing dancing with her partner (She’s the one with the white baker’s hat on)…

When NPR asked Norma how she embraces her age and stays so youthful looking, Norma told them that she uses a little Oil of Olay and drinks a Mimosa everyday. She also loves red nail polish and this is her advice on embracing every stage of aging and wrinkles on your face: “The last face that you’ll have is forever. Go with it, sweetie. That’s it!”

Norma also became a great comedian later in life after one of closest friends, Redd Foxx, advised her to. Here’s what she said he told her: “Red Foxx said, ‘Look, you’re not going to be able to dance any longer; your knees are knocking; you better come out and learn to talk.'” And THAT she did and she loved it.

Norma Miller

Other than enjoying life, Norma spends her days gracing anyone willing to listen with the rich history in dancing and entertainment that she comes from. Check out an interview she did last year to get a better idea of just how “young” Ms. Norma Miller is…

And there ya’ have it family! There’s nothing we love more than seeing an Old Schooler living life to the fullest and being healthy and happy. Thanks for making us laugh back in the day Norma Miller, we appreciate you…you are a true inspiration.

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