23 Years Later, Model In Monica’s Before-U-Walk-Out-My-Life Video Looks Way Different

Posted On : July 30, 2018


Back in the day, music videos were everything. In most cases, R&B singers always had some type of eye candy to add a lil’ flavor to the video and Monica’s video for her 1995 hit single, “Before You Walk Out Of My Life,” was no different. Monica’s boo-thang in the video, was a young brotha who had tweens and teens everywhere swoonin’ over him at that time. His name is Sean Young and even if you didn’t know his name, there’s a strong possibility that you remember his face.

The Video:

That classic 90’s video, released in August of 1995, featured a 14-year-old Monica and Sean Young’s candid moment of teenage love. Not only was the song a platinum hit, but the video was also unforgettable. So, when Sean resurfaced on social media recently, lots of women had flashbacks to their teen and young adult days. Last week, The YBF took to Instagram with an interesting photo that’s caught the attention of Monica fans everywhere.

Check out the pics below to see what Sean looks like now:


The outlet shared then and now photos of Sean and the women are still loving him. Fast forward 23 years and Sean is actually still grindin’ behind the scenes in the music industry. It has been reported that he’s now the CEO of Young Legend Entertainment and works as a music manager for an upcoming group. He’s also the creator of Rip The Mic Live out in Studio City, CA. For those unfamiliar with Rip The Mic, it’s a popular performance platform, where talented upcoming artists showcase their talents in hopes of being discovered and makin’ it big in the music game.

So, it’s quite obvious Sean’s grind and his love for the music industry is still in full effect. Although Sean has changed a bit, most women on social media have been agreeing that the brotha hasn’t missed a beat since ’95. Matter of fact, many of his admirers insist he’s only gotten better over the years.

Female Fans React

Shortly after the photos were shared, women everywhere flooded the post with comments about Sean. One woman wrote, “DAMN!! The lawwwd is my shepherd….he know what I want!” Another woman agreed, “Lawd, I was 11 when she drop her first album and my sister played it constantly. This dude was a cutie and he aged very well.”

Sean’s new photos led to questions about other male video models. But for now, as you can see, most of his female fans seemed pleased to simply see that 23 years later, Monica’s video model is doing well.