Remember Ya Boy With Them Thick Glasses On “Martin?” Wait ‘Til U See Him NOW!

Posted On : January 19, 2017

Who remembers “Lil Dawg” from the Martin show? He was the dude who rocked the weave track in the back of his head, with the thick glasses. He looked up to “Jeromy Rome” and always thought his gear was fly. And although he wore a male weave piece glue to the back of his head, he was “Tommy’s” barber on the show. “Lil Dawg” wasn’t in many episodes, but every time he stepped on camera, he grabbed attention and left the viewers crackin’ up. Well, we were wondering where he’s been since the late 90’s and now we’ve found him….


It's now 20 years later and "Lil Dawg" is still around, but he looks a lil' different these days. We also learned that he was more than just a guest character on Martin. See what his real job was>>>

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