Remember Louie “Ski” Carr From “Soul Train?” What He Does Now May Surprise You

Posted On : June 16, 2018

We all remember when Louie “Ski” Carr would step on “Soul Train’s” stage doing his dope dance moves, which he calls ‘Cutty Mackin.'” Louie always made watching “Soul Train” in the 80’s exciting because you couldn’t wait to see what skit him and his crew were gonna do next on the “Soul Train” line or what new outfit he would be rockin’…yeah he definitely helped to liven up Saturday mornings back then.

Fast forward to today and as we’ve previously reported, Louie has a new stage and a a new platform now- he’s and actor…and the brotha is really good at it.

Louie posted one of his acting reels from a few shows he’s done and he stated on his post that he thinks he would be a good fit for shows like “Empire,” “Power,” and “Narcos.” After watching his acting clips, we agree with him on that. So, since Louie Carr brought so much joy to all of us back in the day on “Soul Train,” we wanna show our appreciation to him for the many old school memories he helped create and share his other passion with y’all.
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Check out his acting reel below and tell us if you think he’d be a good fit for a spot next to “Cookie” and “Lucious” (maybe as “Lucious’ brother) on “Empire,” or as one of 50 Cent’s brothers on “Power,” or as a Latino war lord in “Narcos”…

A few old school fun facts about Louie Carr:
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1. He’s really close friends with New Edition, whom he met when they first appeared on “Soul Train” in 1983. N.E. called Louie backstage and asked him to come on stage during their performance. But Louie knew that Don Cornelius had a rule that dancers should never go on stage with the music artists. So before the show N.E. and Louie devised a plan where they would keep it a secret from Don that Louie will go on stage with them and that Bobby would be the one to give Louie the cue when to come up on stage. Louie said that while N.E. was performing he was standing on the side of the stage and Bobby kept looking at him, but then once Bobby gave him the signal toward the end of the performance to come up, he flew up on stage and started doing his moves with N.E.. Don Cornelius just looked at Louie in disbelief. Afterwards, Don was cool with it though, although he told Louie not to do it again, LOL. Ever since then, Louie and N.E. have been the tight ever since. Check out that “Soul Train” performance below…


2. Louie is biracial- African American and Mexican, so he stays true to both sides of his roots through his arts. He’s a salsa dancer and he’s always been a hip hop dancer and cultural hip hop influencer in the game.
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