Remember MC Hammer’s Protege’ B Angie B? She’s Still Got It & Is Beautiful As Ever

Posted On : January 31, 2015

Back in the late 80s when MC Hammer was dominating hip-hop and R&B, he introduced us to one of his protégés B. ANGIE B. and she came roaring out the gate with an Emotions cover of “I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love”. She was the tiny women with the big voice in Hammer’s crew.

B Angie B Now & What She’s Been Up To

At 50 years young B Angie B is looking good and sounding just as good as she ever has! She eventually quietly left the music scene and focused on raising her family. She and her two children now live in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA where she works in interior design and real estate.

B Angie B (via Facebook)

ILOSM family, make some noise if you remember singer, B Angie B. Her birth name is Angela R. Boyd and she was raised in Mississippi. After High School, with a friend’s advice, she jumped ship to Oakland, CA. Back in the day, B Angie B released a cover of Chaka Khan’s hit “Sweet Thing.” It didn’t do too much on the charts and after her one album on Capital Records, she was dropped from the label. It was not long after her relocation, that she was discovered by MC Hammer.

B Angie B (via Instagram)

Word on the Old School curb is that soon after Hammer decided to work with her, she pondered for weeks trying to decided an appropriate stage name for herself, to no avail though. Therefore, Hammer told her don’t worry about a stage name, just be Angie B. And she took that and ran with it as, B. ANGIE B.

Because her debut album didn’t sell well, she was subsequently dropped from her label, found a lil’ more success after that, when she appeared in the Kid ‘n Play movie, Class Act, and sang on the soundtrack’s title track, “Class Act (Work That Body)”. The title track was also released as a video. Then in the summer of 2009, she released new music, including a remake of “Ring My Bell.” and after that she took a break for years. It’s good to see she hasn’t missed a beat at all, since her hiatus and it’s good to see she’s still singing and still able to pursue what she loves- her music. Go check her out on Twitter at

Here’s another performance by B Angie B…she is SANGIN!’ Go ‘head Angie!


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