Remember The ‘Prostitute’ In “Car Wash”? Wait Til U See Her NOW!

Posted On : July 20, 2016

ILOSM family, make some noise if you remember “Marleen,” the prostitute from the movie, “Car Wash!” Her role in “Car Wash” wasn’t extensive, but it left a lasting impression on the viewers. “Marleen” was the prostitute who got her heart broken after falling in love with one of her customers, stepping into the phone booth to call him up, and learning that he’d given her the wrong phone number. What made that scene even more memorable was because Rose Royce’s hit, “I’m Going Down,” playing throughout and setting the mood for it. We’ve found her now! Check out what she’s been doing…


car wash prostitute The "Car Wash" actresses' real name is Gloria Schultz (but she goes by the stage name of Lauren Jones for her acting roles). After "Car Wash," we didn't really see much of Schultz, but we have now learned that she'd been around the whole time, we just didn't know it. She's typically a more private person, but we've learned a few interesting things about her. Check this out family>>>

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