Remember This “Boyz N The Hood” Actor? He Sadly Died A Violent And Senseless Death

Posted On : September 24, 2020
Actor, Dedrick Gobert, in “Boyz N The Hood”

Remember the pacifier-toting actor in old school film Boyz N The Hood? His name was “Dooky” in the film. In the film, “Dooky” was the homie who was always hangin’ on the block, and down for whatever.  His real name was Dedrick Gobert, and he hadn’t even turned 23 years old, but he was violently killed years ago.

He also appeared in supporting roles in two other Singleton directed films; Poetic Justice (1993) and Higher Learning (1995), which was released after his death, but many fans weren’t aware he was actually deceased by that time.

Details of what happened to Dedrick Gobert, and how he was killed…

On “Boyz N The Hood” set

Dedrick Gobert was shot and killed on an isolated road, after arguing during a drag race. This reads like a script in a movie, but this was sadly real life, that ending with 2 people dead, 1 paralyzed, and another charged and sentenced to death. Read how the events unfolded…

Violence Erupted During Drag Race

According to LATimes, Dedrick and about 39 other people were partaking in an illegal drag race in November 1994. It took place in Mira Loma, CA. Apparently a fight between Dedrick and members of the ABC Gang erupted shortly after the drag race, leaving Dedrick and his friend, Ignacio Hernandez, fatally shot; and Dedrick’s girlfriend, non-fatally shot and left paralyzed from the neck down.

Witnesses Testimony

Witnesses testified that Gobert (Dooky) reached under his shirt as if he was reaching for a gun. The ABC gang members responded by rushing Gobert and proceeded to kick, stomp and hit him. Gobert’s friend Ignacio Hernandez and Gobert’s girlfriend Jenny Hyon attempted to break up the fight. Hernandez attempted to shield Gobert’s body from being stomped by lying on top of him but got kicked in the head. Hyon also attempted to help but she too was kicked in the head.

Roger Boring and Lester Maliwat, two ABC members who were involved in the fight, testified that they both thought the fight was over and began to retreat to their cars. Boring recalled that Enraca grabbed Hernandez by the head and shoulder and shot him in the upper body. Both men said they saw Enraca shoot Gobert while he was lying on the ground. Boring said he saw Enraca turn around and shoot Jenny Hyon after she kicked him in the back. Maliwat testified that when he was pulling out of the parking lot after the shootings, Enraca jumped into his car. As he was driving away, Maliwat said that he saw Hyon lying on the ground in an awkward position and asked Enraca why he “shot the girl”. Enraca stated, “F*ck them. They deserved it.” (Source

Suspect’s Testimony Details And Sentencing

(L-R) Dedrick Gobert; director, John Singleton; Tupac Shakur; all legends gone too soon

It was also reported that the suspect, Sonny Enraca, stated that he was acting in self defensed, and was initially sentenced to the death penalty:

Enraca’s defense attorney maintained that Enraca was acting in self-defense and only pulled his gun to shoot in the air in an effort to stop the fighting. According to his initial statement to police, Enraca said that he grabbed Ignacio Hernandez by the head when he was lying on the ground because he thought he recognized him and wanted to ask him where he was from. Hernandez responded by pushing Enraca’s hand away which Enraca interpreted as an attempt to grab his gun. He admitted to shooting Hernandez in the shoulder (an autopsy determined Hernandez was shot twice – once in the head and once in the back).

Enraca said that after he shot Hernandez, Gobert, who was also lying on the ground, cursed at him and began moving. Enraca thought that Gobert was attempting to pull his gun out to shoot him so he shot Gobert in the head. After shooting both men, Enraca said that Jenny Hyon pushed and attempted to hit him. In an attempt to scare her away, he said that he fired a shot that he thought went over her head but instead struck her in the neck. On the night of the shootings, Enraca admitted that he had been drinking heavily and had consumed “two lines” of methamphetamine earlier in the evening.

On May 12, 1999 Enraca was sentenced to death.(Source)

In 2019, Sony Enraca’s death sentenced was put on ice, due to California Governor Gavin Newsome’s executive moratarium in 737 California death sentence cases. However, Sonny is reportedly still serving time for the murders and shooting.