Remember This Kid From “Sanford & Son?” Found Him…And His Famous Dad, Brother

Posted On : October 7, 2021
Lincoln as “Jason” in and Redd Foxx as “Fred Sanford in “Sanford & Son”

ILOSM family make some noise if you remember the kid who stowed away in “Lamont’s” truck in that “Sanford and Son” episode! He was the kid who lied and said his Mom was working all night, so “Lamont” and “Fred” let him spend the night at their house. At first “Fred” hated the thought of having a kid stay at their home, because he said kids were like cats and if you feed them they’ll keep coming back, but eventually he took a liking to the kid.

The kid’s name on the show was “Jason,” but in real life his name is Lincoln and not only have we found Lincoln today, but wait ’til you see who his Pops is.


Lincoln Kilpatrick Jr., the former child actor who appeared on “Sanford and Son”

As you can see, “Lil Jason” ain’t so little anymore, he’s 59 years old now with a child of his own. These are the most recent pics of Lincoln, who loves spending time with his daughter these days.

After finding out who his daddy is, we now understand why Lincoln was a pretty good actor at such a young age. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE HIS POPS HERE…


Legendary actor, Lincoln Kilpatrick Sr., father of “Sanford & Son” actor, Lincoln Kilpatrick Jr.

Many of you may remember Lincoln Kilpatrick Sr.’s face from various films and TV roles throughout the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s such as Uptown Saturday Night, Omega Man, Bulletproof and others, as well as in shows like “Hill Street Blues,” “The White Shadow” and many more.

Lincoln Sr.’s Other Son Is An Actor Too

Lincoln Kilpatrick Jr. with his brother/actor, Erik Kilpatrick

Meet Erick Kilpatrick, the other son of Lincoln Kilpatrick Sr. Eric is an actor who’s best known for playing “Curtis Jackson,” on the 1970’s hit TV show, White Shadow.

“White Shadow” cast: Erick Kilpatrick pictured top row, far left

Their Mother’s Got Acting Skills

Lincoln Jr.and Erick Kilpatrick’s mother is a stage actress, as well as a soul singer. Her name was Helena Ferguson and she’s also the founder of KC Theatre Arts. Below she’s pictured with she and Lincoln Kilpatrick Sr.’s daughter, DeCarla Kilpatrick.

Helena Ferguson and daughter, DeCarla Kilpatrick

And there you have it ILOSM fam,’ another Old School fun fact about another old school entertainer who helped create some great old school memories for all of us.