Remember This Kid From “The Bad News Bears?” Here’s What He’s Doing Now

Posted On : February 28, 2016
bad news bears cast2
“Bad News Bears” cast (screen-grab)

Remember the actor who played the outspoken Muslim kid, “Ahmad Abdul-Rahim,” who also loved baseball legend, Hank Aaron, in the classic 70’s film, “Bad News Bears?” His real name is Erin Blunt and his character played the right fielder position for the mediocre baseball team that their lazy coach had to try to whip into shape. One of “Ahmad’s” most noteworthy and quite controversial lines in the film, was when he said to his coach, “Buttermaker, don’t give me any of your h*nky bull$*it.”  That was “Ahmad’s” threat to the Caucasian coach that “Ahmad” attempted to put in his place in his place…it didn’t work though.
We were wondering what happened to Erin, because we hadn’t heard his name on the big screen in ages. So we thought we do some research to find him and lo’ and behold, we came up with some old school gold. After Erin’s “Bad News Bears” success, he went on to star in the second and third installments of the “Bad News” films in 1977 and ’78; and he also starred in a few more TV series, including “What’s Happening,” “The White Shadow,” “Hill Street Blues,” “Happy Days,” and more; as well as films such as “Car Wash,” “A Hero Ain’t Nuthin’ But A Sandwich,” and “Get Christie Love.” He also did a few 70’s commercials, including a Hostess commercial, where he showed off his musical skills.

Fast forward to today and Erin has a totally different lifestyle now. He lives a civilian life at the age of 54. He didn’t completely step away from the spotlight though, because he still has a career in entertainment, except he’s controlling two turntables and a mic now. That’s right, our man, Eric Blunt, is a DJ who goes by the name of DJ Alcatraz and according to many of his fans, this cat knows exactly what joints to play to get the crowds hype.

erin and dogs
Erin Blunt now (via Facebook)

He’s been DJing for years now and appears to love it…that’s always a beautiful thing. The last we heard, Blunt was regularly DJ’ing at a club/restaurant in Carson, CA.

Erin Blunt was good actor back in the day and since it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing him on TV nor the big screen again, we’ll settle for reminiscing to a few of his throwback scenes online.

And there you have it ILOSM family, a quick update on one of our favorite Old school celebs. If it’s nothing we love more, here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic, it’s seeing an entertainer from back in the day, continuing to live happy, healthy lives and enjoying what they do.

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