Remember When Dru Hill Had This Fist Fight?!! You’ve Gotta See This!

Posted On : May 12, 2015

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We all remember Dru Hill right? They were part of the last generation of male R&B groups who could actually sing. Well as we all could imagine, being a part of a group means managing several different personalities and in Dru Hill’s case, they didn’t do so well managing the four personalities they had, at least not among all four original group members. Things really hit the fan in 2008 after a reunited Dru Hill did a Baltimore radio interview in their hometown to let their fans know they were BACK on the scene with new music. Only problem was that Sisq’o, Nokio, Jaz, and Woody weren’t as “back” as they thought they were. See what I mean below…this was quite a disastrous moment to say the least…LOL…

Now before we start talking about how much Dru Hill doesn’t know how to act in public (LOL), this type of thing probably happened all the time with groups like the Temptations, New Edition, The Drifters, etc., but there were just no camera phones to catch them in the action back then.

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Ever since this fight happened, Dru Hill has once again come together and have been consistently performing MINUS Woody. I guess Woody’s continuing to follow his heart and sing for the Lord, and in the meantime Dru Hill is tearing stages down with their hits “Sleeping in My Bed,” “Tell Me What You Want,” Sisq’o’s “Thong Song” all the others.

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While I can’t say that I actually agree with the way Woody broke his news live on air (I think he should have at least informed his fellow group members before his public announcement), I guess I can’t knock the brotha for standing firm in what he says is his true ‘calling.’ I still look forward to the rest of Dru Hill shutting shows down with their choreography and undeniable singing skills…these youngins out here need to see how it’s REALLY supposed to be done!

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