Remy Ma & Lady Gaga Forced To Cooperate In Lawsuit Against Tamar Braxton’s Husband Vince

Posted On : June 21, 2019

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Ever since Tamar Braxton split from her husband/manager, Vincent Herbert, dude has been going THROUGH it. First, there was his emergency health scare, resulting in his hospitalization soon after they went their separate ways. Now, there have been a plethora of money issues reported about Vince’s current financial status. The most recent being a $380,000.00 lawsuit that his former artists- rapper, Remy Ma, and pop star, Lady Gaga- have just been dragged into.

Why Remy Ma & Lady Gaga Were Forced To Cooperate In Lawsuit

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A music label, called LDNX Records, originally hit Vincent with a $380K lawsuit, due to him owing money for prior business dealings with the company. In the label’s quest to try to collect their paper from Vince -who apparently didn’t respond to the court judgement he’d lost against them- LDNX subpoenaed his artists instead. The hope was that Remy Ma and Lady Gaga, still owed their former manager money, which could then be seized in order to pay the label.

Since Lady Gaga, nor Remy had previously responded to LDNX’s request in a timely manner, the label then demanded that both of the ladies, along with Vince and Interscope Records, be held in contempt of court, until they produce the necessary financial documents, regarding any money Vince is owed.

According to The Blast:

[LDNX] won a judgment against Vince in 2017 after suing him over a business deal gone south. They claim to have not been paid a dime from Vince and are trying to figure out the sources of his income so they can seize the money until the $380k is satisfied. LDNX accused Gaga, Remy and the record label of failing to provide complete and accurate answers to the information they demanded from the subpoena.

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Lady Gaga eventually turned over the documents the label requested. While Remy Ma was a tad bit slower with producing the docs to aide Vince’s business ‘enemy.’  Nevertheless, she revealed interesting info about Vince’s financial dealings with her:

Via TB: Remy claims to have started working with [Vincent] Herbert in August 2017. She says they no longer work together, and they have no written contracts.

Remy says Herbert was only a temporary consultant and functioned as a personal manager for a short period of time. She hasn’t paid him a dime of anything for 6 months. The rapper also provided information on a Wells Fargo bank Herbert used when she paid him $56k in 2017. LDNX Records is now using that information to try to seize money in it.

The case is still pending, as LDNX Records continues to try to seek and seize any amount of money they can squeeze outta Vince’s accounts and pockets, until his $380K debt is paid in full.