Reunited? Wendy Sparks Debate Over Cozy Photo With Man Fans Suspect Is Her ‘Cheating’ Hubby

Posted On : June 8, 2019

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Wendy Williams has managed to keep herself in the headlines for the past few months. Sometimes s publicity was welcomed by Wendy. Other times, the cringeworthy news about the talk show diva was not so welcomed by her, like the countless headlines her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, has caused with his alleged newborn baby and such.

Welp ILOSM fam,’ this time she’s back in the forefront of our thoughts yet again, with her ever-so-surprising comfy dinner photo…and this is one she’s welcoming with open arms. Why? Because she is the one who has voluntarily sparked the now online fan debate.

Wendy’s Cryptic Date Night Photo Has Fans Talking…
As y’all already know, Wendy has openly discussed her pending divorce from her estranged husband, Kevin, following his alleged serial cheating transgressions.

HOWEVER, lately it’s been suspected that ol’ Kevy-Kev’ ain’t so ‘estranged’ after all…especially after the photo Wendy has just shared.

June 8, 2019: Wendy’s cryptic Instagram post

In a new Instagram post, Wendy shared the above photo of herself on a presumed date, yet she only showed her hand and the hand of a man, as they dined together. Her flirtatious caption read:

“Mmm they call it a CIGAR & there’s caviar at the tip! #aboutlastnight”

Fans Sound Off…
Soon as Wendy shared her date night photo, fans hopped in her comments to give their assessments of her cryptic message. Many believe that the other hand belongs to Kevin Hunter- same, skin tone, same size…makes sense. Check out some of the comments below…


natev***: This is prolly Kevin ‍♂️

quee*****: …I thought the same thing. I’m hoping it’s not.

tutua*******: Sho looks like it

mague_no******: someone needs to take ur whole phone away…we dnt want aunti to go back to this fool, we cannot have that ‍♀️‍♀️

imbornl***: God i hope not

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