RHOA’s Porsha Williams Makes Strong Argument Against Fiance’s Cheating Allegations

Posted On : June 15, 2019

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Being a reality TV star means you never have any privacy and the most annoying part of it all, may be having people in their business all the time. One reality star who knows these trials all too well, is Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams, whose life has been on display since she joined the cast during its fifth season in 2012. A fan favorite, Porsha has been through a lot of changes over the past few years. One of her most recent changes is becoming a mother and getting engaged to her daughter’s father, businessman Dennis McKinley. Unfortunately, there have been rumors about Dennis being a womanizer that have placed a cloud over Porsha’s happily ever after. And though she’s remained calm for a while, she’s finally addressing the rumors head on.
Coming Full Circle…After Kordell Stewart…

Though Porsha is on her way to the altar now, when she originally joined the cast, she was married to former NFL quarterback, Kordell Stewart. On the surface their marriage seemed perfect, but soon it became clear that the two of them were experiencing challenges, which became the basis of their storyline. Through arguments, as well as issues with conception, Porsha and Kordell’s marriage immediately became the subject of many hot topic conversations. When they ultimately divorced, Porsha was genuinely shocked.

Though her love life was showcased heavily in the years since her divorce from Kordell, Porsha is now at a better place in her life with McKinley and their daughter PJ. But her happiness comes at a cost with a hefty price tag called ‘rumors.’

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