Very Rich: ‘RHOA’ NeNe Leakes Gets Huge Raise, Making Millions

Posted On : April 23, 2019

If you need a dose of drama to spice up your evening you need look no further than the cast of any Housewives reality show. However, if you REALLY want drama you need to tune into The Real Housewives of Atlanta because they’ve got more drama than one show should allow. And one of the original cast members, NeNe Leakes, loves to keep things nice and messy. And since many believe that without her presence there is no show Bravo has decided to give her a husky raise to ensure she continues stirring for at least another season.

An OG Of Reality TV

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Many know that NeNe has been around since the very beginning of RHOA, back when she and Kim Zolciak were best friends drinking wine and causing havoc. Over the years their relationship has deteriorated and NeNe has gone on to become the undisputed star of the show. She’s even branched off into theater and other reality shows, including Celebrity Apprentice where she had smoke for each and every one of her fellow costars and could care less how anyone felt about it.

The current season of RHOA has not showcased a softer side of NeNe as she is now battling with her husband Greg’s illness as well as still maneuvering through the shark infested waters surrounding her in the form of cast mates that don’t particularly care for her too much. And once again, NeNe could care less about any of that. Which is probably why she’s getting a bump in her salary to stay around for season 12.

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