Rick James Daughter Explained Why She Loved Him In Spite Of Him Neglecting Her And More

Posted On : July 20, 2018

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The late, great Rick James was known for many things throughout his life. He was known as legendary music artist, who gave us classic R&B hits that’ll forever bring back some great old school memories. He was also known for being one of the realest celebs in the game, who never shied away from talking about his shortcomings, like his past drug addictions, nor his accomplishments, whenever he reminded us all that he’s ‘Rick James b*tch!’ The side of him that was largely unknown to the masses, was his role as a father to his children. He wasn’t always the model father- in fact, at times he was an absentee daddy, especially during the height of his career and high partying days. However, he loved his four kids- 3 sons and 1 daughter- and they love him, even through some of the hardships they faced with his parenting. That was a sentiment . that his eldest child, 45 year old daughter, Ty James has made very clear.

Ty oftentimes pays great homage to her dad in the media and online, but the close bond they developed later in life, didn’t come without pain. In a few prior social media posts, Ty documented that love hate she had for her dad and why it wasn’t until age 13 that she eventually met him. Here’s what she wrote in one post:


Ty James IG post about Rick James

tyjames713: I was raised in various parts of La, Inglewood, South Central.. You name it.. My Moms did the best she could with 2 babies and no Daddy. I know very well what it is to go without, to desire fly shit, when I knew damn well.. We couldn’t afford it. Especially not being able to go to McDonalds after school like my other friends. Lol Quite the opposite of what most people may think. I met my Dad for the 1st time when I was 13. We immediately developed a bond that could not be broken❤ To the World you were Rick James the King of Punk Funk, Music Icon, Innovator, A Genius @ your craft. But to me you will always just be Daddy💗 So my point is.. “Fathers it’s never too late to be a Daddy. Love Peace and Continuous Blessings to all my REAL Daddy’s out here. To those men who think they are hiding from a child you gave life to.. Just remember God sees you.

She still loved him dearly and even appreciated his parental skills, no matter how unconventional they may have been:

tyjames713: “Thank You for walkin, talking teaching, guiding, cussing, smoking, trusting, laughing praying, caring, shopping, dreaming, and most of all Loving Me💖💖💖💖 I miss you Daddy more than words can express, not just today but everyday💔💔💔! Rest in Paradise….Love Always Tiny Boo Boo😘😘”

Like we always say, hear at ILOSM, celebs have accomplished great feats in life, but that doean’t make them perfect people- nor should they be expected to be. It simply makes them perfectly flawed human beings, just like the rest of us.

August 6 2018, will make 14 years since Rick James took his final breathe, but the legacy- the good and the bad- will live on forever and the impact he left on music and his children will as well. We applaud Ty James for openly sharing her story with the world. May her Pops continue to rest well.