Rickey Smiley’s A Christian, But Now Boldly Explains How Bible Is Impairing Black Folk

Posted On : September 4, 2018
Rickey Smiley (via Instagram)

Ricky Smiley has long ago proven himself to be a devoted Christian, who has even incorporated much of his religious faith into his hilarious comedic stand-ups. Even though he’s a Christian, he revealed his true feelings about major doubts he has regarding the Bible. Not sure how his fellow Christian fans will take to what he had to say in his interview, but I must admit that he made some valid points – points that are oftentimes easy for most to see, but difficult for some to acknowledge publicly. For Smiley though, he’s now ready to have open dialogue about this taboo topic.

Rickey Smiley Questions Bible, Labels It As Racially Biased

In a 2018 interview with Vlad TV, Rickey Smiley was asked if he agreed with fellow comedian/radio host, D.L. Hughley, that the Black church is “the gayest place on the face of the earth.” While Smiley did not agree with D.L.’s sentiment on that, he did bring up a separate viewpoint of his own- that the Bible upholds racism and oppresses Black people:

Rickey Smiley- “I tell you what, I’m really questioning some of the Bible stories,” Smiley confessed. “And I think some of thats stuff in the Bible is set up to train Black people to be submissive to systematic racism and White supremacy. THAT I believe…THAT I definitely believe.”

Rickey then gave an example of one of the oppressive biblical teachings he’s referring to:

“‘Turn the other cheek,’ or whatever…people don’t mess with nobody that fight back. People do NOT mess with nobody that fight back. Black people have been taught to forgive and ‘turn the other cheek’ for 400 YEARS…and what has changed? NOTHING.”

Smiley: ‘Trump & Bush Used The Bible To Control Black People During Campaigns’

When Vlad pointed out that ‘the Bible was used for control’ during the slave era and that slave masters gave the Black preachers Bibles to teach the other Black folk, Rickey sternly stated:

“I believe that…I TOTALLY believe that…totally. And you have it to this day because when you see all these Black preachers that were sitting around Donald Trump…SAME thing.”

Smiley continued:

“And remember now…only thing Trump need[s] is 8 percent…to get re-elected. George Bush needed 10 and he got it, because he went around to all those Black preachers to preach abortion and gay marriage sermons, which got Black Christians in an uproar. And 10 percent of them voted for George W. Bush…that pushed him over the top to become re-elected against John Kerry in 2004. So, yeah..and they’re being used now.

Donald Trump is promoting racism, and the White nationalism and all that stuff. … It wouldn’t be no reason for me to sit at the table and talk to him about ANYTHING, because once you identify yourself as a racist and a White supremacist, it’s nothing to talk about.”

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