Ridiculously High Dollar Amount Kandi’s Ex-Employee’s Suing For Finally Revealed

Posted On : May 5, 2017

Xscape singer/Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss-Tucker has had it up to here with her former employee, Johnnie Winston III. While at it, we also should mention that she’s sick of Phaedra’s undercover assistance to Johnnie in what appears to be his money hungry lawsuit as well.

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If you’ve been watching RHOA, then you’re well aware of Johnnie, who says Kandi shorted him out of some major paper during his tenure as her employee. He actually went with Phaedra to meet with attorneys about filing a lawsuit against Kandi on one of the episodes, but details of the suit were not revealed at that time.

Now, the actual amount he’s suing for has just been unveiled and it is a whopping $168K he’s trying to get from Kandi’s bank account. Kandi however, said dude is a liar. She’s accused him of a get-rich-quick scheme; and Phaedra of being a bitter ex-friend for assisting Johnnie in the what Kandi claims is a bogus lawsuit.


Here is what was reported via Bossip:

In court docs, Johnnie alleged that Kandi failed to pay the required minimum wage as well as overtime pay for his time working in the studio, planning special events and running errands. He’s now seeking overtime wages along with liquidated damages equal to the amount owed in benefits.

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For the record, Kandi and Phaedra both spoke on this lawsuit during one of the four Real Housewives of Atlanta season finale’ episodes:

Kandi: “$168,000—a ridiculous amount. […] You know good and well I don’t owe him. I just felt like she was definitely purposefully trying to get me back in a way that it was going to hit my pocket. […] I feel like she was trying to be vindictive.

Phaedra: “He came to me, we weren’t friends. I referred him to an attorney and I accompanied him to an attorney’s office.”

One hundred sixty-eight thousand dollars though? Geesh! That must have been some serious errands Johnnie was running and some major extra unpaid hours he was putting in before realizing he didn’t get paid for them, just saying.

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Random Shade Thrown:

For added shade Jonnie threw out some subliminal messages with his Instagram posts- a recent pic of he and Kandi’s now enemy, Porsha partying; and a throwback pic of himself with Kandi’s friend, Toya Wright…


Kandi's ex-employee, Johnnie Winston III, comments about his Porsha post
Kandi’s ex-employee, Johnnie Winston III, comments about his Porsha post