Robin Thicke Slams Dad’s Widow As Alan Thicke’s $15M Fortune Finally Gets Divided

Posted On : June 13, 2018

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It’s been a little over a year and a half since “Growing Pains” actor, Alan Thicke, passed away at 69 from a heart attack in December 2016. Unfortunately in 2018, two of his three sons- singer, Robin Thicke (41), and Brennan Thicke (43)- are still having major issues with their pop’s widow, Tanya Thicke (42).

Alan Thicke’s Widow Wins Big & Robin Blasts Her

Alan Thicke’s two eldest sons were legally battling his widow, over the fate of his $15million estate. Now, the battle has come to an end and left lingering emotional wounds. According to The Blast, Robin is accusing Tanya Thicke of ruining his father’s legacy, by going on a media blitz to “feed her insatiable desire for publicity.” This comes after Tanya was rewarded the largest rationing of Alan’s $15M fortune:

Via The Blast- According to documents obtained by The Blast, widow Tanya Thicke will get 40% of her late-husband’s estate, valued at $15,793,278.48. Each of his three children — Robin, Brennan and Carter — will receive 20%. Robin, who is an administrator in the estate with Brennan, blasts Tanya by saying she stayed “True to form” and “initiated a media blitz serving no purpose but to besmirch the Co-Trustees and feed her insatiable desire for publicity regardless of the consequences to Alan’s legacy or his children.”

Along with cash, Tanya gets to keep a ranch in Carpinteria, CA. A $100,000 loan which was given to Robin by his father was also cleared and “forgiven.”

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Robin Thicke’s Previous Claims Against Dad’s Widow

Tanya and Alan Thicke married in 2005 and have one son together, Carter Thicke (20). According to the LA Times, in 2017 Alan’s eldest children, Robin and Brennan Thicke, filed a court petition in LA, asking the judge to uphold the agreement their dad and Tanya had before their 2005 marriage. The docs state that Tanya “threatened to make her claims fodder for ‘tabloid publicity’ unless the Co-Trustees agreed to participate in a mediation and succumb to her demands.” Also included in the filing, are Alan’s 1988 living will, as well as the updated revisions their dad made to it in February 2016.

What Alan Thicke Left Wife In His Will:

It seems that Thicke’s three sons and his widow pretty much received what his latest will ordered, because here’s what was previously reported about that in 2017…

Via LATimes: Under the terms of the prenup, Callau …was to receive $500,000 from a life insurance policy, 25% of her husband’s personal effects, all the furniture at the actor’s ranch property, all death benefits from his pensions and multiple union memberships, and 40% of the estate that remained after specific bequests are handled.

Alan Thicke; wife, Tanya Callou; their son, Carter Thicke
Alan Thicke; wife, Tanya Callou; their son, Carter Thicke

Ownership of the ranch — called out in the prenup as Alan Thicke’s separate property — was bequeathed to Robin, Brennan and Thicke’s youngest son, Carter, in equal shares, the documents said. Callau was given permission to continue to live at the ranch as long as she kept up the property, paid expenses and agreed to consult with her late husband’s sons before making any major changes, the documents said.

Robin & Breenan Thicke’s Lawyer Speaks On Their Behalf:

“My clients [Robin & Breenan] made every effort to resolve this without the need for going to court,” said attorney, Alex Weingarten. In regards to Tanya’s demands and claims that Alan’s prenup isn’t valid: “What’s better than some? More,” Weingarten told The Times on Tuesday. “We’re not going to litigate this in the media,” he said. “We’re not going to play games. This is too important. We’re talking about a man’s legacy.”

It’s sad this Thicke family drama had to go down this way, but we wish the family all the best. Pretty sure Alan would haven’t wanted them all to get along.

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