Roland Martin & Chrisette Michele Have Tense Exchange Online After She Sparks More Anger

Posted On : October 30, 2017
Chrisette Michele

A few days ago, Chrisette Michele turned heads when she shared details about the downward spiral of her life. Her public support of Donald Trump caused lots of friction, because fans were appalled she’d even consider performing for Trump’s presidential inauguration, let alone go through with it. Of course, it didn’t take long for that political decision to take a toll on her music career. But despite all of the backlash, she recently made a decision that’s also ruffled feathers. By now, everyone knows Mary Mary gospel singer, Tina Campbell, is also at the center of controversy for supporting Trump. As we previously reported, Chrisette, stepped up to defend her the other day. Now, News One Now TV journalist, Roland Martin, is getting in on the convo.’

Standing With Tina:

For those who missed that tidbit of info, Chrisette Michele recently took to Instagram with a photo of Tina Campbell that included a lengthy post explaining her perspective of all the backlash Tina is currently facing. She also called out the social media users for “choice shaming” her and Tina for their decision to support Trump. Chrisette compared the criticism to the peer pressure and bullying children face in schools.”Adults do this thing I’d like to call ‘choice shaming,'” she wrote to Campbell. “It mimics what children do with bullying. It causes a silencing that mutes the people who have made great contributions.” She concluded, “We can disagree without division. Stay #StrongBlackWoman.” Check it out:

Fans React

Once again, Chrisette Michele angered fans with her posts. Although she claimed not to “support Trump,” fans quickly reminded her of her decision to perform for his inauguration and the comments were brutal because Black Twitter cut no corners. When Chrisette expressed confusion about why people didn’t understand her perspective, fans clearly explained why. Fans also explained why her actions were the epitome of a “PR nightmare.”

Roland Martin Addresses Chrisette On Twitter & She Responds

Roland Martin

But fans weren’t the only people who fired back. Roland Martin also chimed in, but surprisingly, his perspective was a bit different. He actually argued that she may have been a bit clueless about what she was walking into when she attempted to voice her opinion.  Martin then displayed skepticism about her possibly being unaware, when he compared her decision to Jennifer Holliday’s highly controversial decision to pull out of her Trump inauguration performance right before Chrisette agreed to do it instead. To end on a fair note, Roland Martin also offered Chrisette an opportunity to speak out about the situation on his show. Check out their exchange below…

Chrisette Michele was also grateful for his response after being criticized by numerous fans.

Despite the backlash, Chrisette has made it clear she’s still standing strong. Check out her latest Instagram post below:

It has not been confirmed whether Chrisette will appear on Roland Martin’s show, but it probably wouldn’t hurt if she did appear on there in the near future. Maybe she could win some of her fans back…only time will tell.