Rosie Perez Tells Odd Sexual Acts She Participated In With Co-Stars While Filming Movie

Posted On : June 16, 2019

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From her accent, to her Boricua pride, Rosie Perez has been a cultural staple since the golden era of hip hop. As a noted choreographer she has been entertaining audiences for years, and as an actress she’s been in many memorable roles. So naturally when somebody has a career like hers, there are going to be a few stories that make you say “What The Hell?” And if Rosie’s involved, those stories won’t just be shocking, they’ll be pretty funny as well.

Kicking The Door Open

Rosie first came to our attention during Spike Lee’s critically acclaimed 1989 film Do The Right Thing. And everyone remembers the opening credits with Rosie seductively gyrating her way into our hearts. Especially those of men who immediately asked “Yo, who is THAT?”

With that kind of introduction (and a scene involving Spike, Rosie and ice cubes) she was destined for superstardom. Soon after she starred in the equally popular White Men Can’t Jump with Wesley Snipes. She also snagged gigs as a choreographer for videos and television shows, including In Living Color. But nowadays Rosie is recognized more for her acting. And some of the stories she has from the set are funny. And strange.

During a recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Rosie revealed a few interesting stories from movies she’s starred in, though she couldn’t give out all of the information. Throwing on a blindfold, she began by telling the story of a weird interaction during a sex scene:

“We were in the bed and I was supposed to get up but he was in the bed naked. And when I got up naked, and turned around, his penis wasn’t there. “

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