Sade’s Transgender Son Explains His Struggles, Being Trans But Stands Up For His Decision

Posted On : December 6, 2017
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Struggles With Being A Transgender Man

But in one online post, Izaak has now shared, he made it very clear that he has the full support of his mother and many other loved ones. He also confessed that even with their support, he still has some struggles with being a transgender man. Check out what he wrote about himself and his experiences as a man thus far, as well as how he’s encouraging others within the LGBTQ community, who may not have the same support as he.

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Izaak (who goes by the name, caracalonbenzos, on social media) posted a two part confessional online and captioned wit with a notice to those who thought he’d assumed that ALL -not some- transgender people struggle with their identities:

caracalonbenzos: K cus some people are getting offended let me change my opening line to “FOR SOME PEOPLE (including me) BEING TRANSGENDER IS HARD” All I’m trying to do here is show love and support to the people in the community that NEED it. Love love love love love ❤️❤️❤️ #lgbt #love #support #trans #transgender #family #hereforchatz

Then Sade’s one and only child proceeded to let it all out about the hardships of being transgender:

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via Izaak theo’s Instagram

Totally Inaccurate?

Sade and her transgender son

When someone tried to challenge Izaak’s statement by pointing out that he was totally inaccurate and that not all transgenders having the above mentioned issues, here’s how Izaak replied:

It’s always a beautiful thing when those who may be deemed as being outside of the ‘societal norm,’ can find their inner strength and support from those who love them unconditionally.

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Although some may not agree with Sade’s son’s decision to transition from female to male, no one can deny that Izaak’s decision took a lot of guts. Sometimes following your own heart, instead of succumbing to society’s judgement, is a life accomplishment within itself, so props to Izaak Theo for that. And besides, as long as Izaak and his girlfriend (pictured above with Izaak) are happy, then it’s all good.