Sade’s Transgender Son, 22, Proudly Shows Bare Chest Months After Breasts Removed

Posted On : May 16, 2018
Sade and her transgender son (via Instagram)

The legendary Sade has always been known for giving us timeless R&B classics and also for her sex appeal. She’s also known for living an extremely reclusive lifestyle, far away from the public’s eye. When it comes to her 22 year old transgender son though, the two couldn’t be more different in that respect. Sade’s British born transgender son, Izaak Theo- formerly known as her daughter, Mickailia “Ila” Adu- lives his life on front street, with no regrets. **Scroll down for his new shirtless photos**

Izaak initially shocked the world a few years ago, when he announced he was making a transition toward living as a man. What made his transition even more shocking for many, is that he was once known as Sade’s beautiful, feminine looking daughter, who rocked skirts, lipstick, and long weaves (see below photo). So needless to say, for millions of Sade’s fans, Mickailia “Ila” Adu’s seemingly rapid transition into Izaak caught them all of guard.

Sade’s daughter, Mickailia “Ila” Adu, PRIOR to her transformation into transgender man, Izaak Theo (via Pinterest)

Fast forward to today though and it’s cool to see that despite what anyone thinks, Izaak is living life for himself and doesn’t give a damn about what anyone has to say about it. In fact, he’s been sharing his transgender journey thus far, with the world online. Like we said, when it comes to living life out loud, him and his moms are exact opposites.

His New Chest After Surgery

Izaak recently took to Instagram to show off his bare, now hairy chest, months after making the decision to remove his breasts. In his photo, Izaak’s also proudly rocking his full beard and mustache as well. Here he is now…

Sade’s Son Confesses His Struggles With Being Transgender

A while back, we reported that many have wondered exactly how Sade feels about her new son, she never spoke out about it. But in one online post, Izaak has now shared, he made it very clear that he has the full support of his mother and many other loved ones. He also confessed that even with their support, he still has some struggles with being a transgender man. Check out what he wrote about himself and his experiences as a man thus far, as well as how he’s encouraging others within the LGBTQ community, who may not have the same support as he.

Izaak (who goes by the name, caracalonbenzos, on social media) posted a two part confessional online and captioned it with a notice to those who apparently thought he assumed that ALL -not some- transgender people struggle with their identities:

caracalonbenzos: K cus some people are getting offended let me change my opening line to “FOR SOME PEOPLE (including me) BEING TRANSGENDER IS HARD” All I’m trying to do here is show love and support to the people in the community that NEED it. Love love love love love ❤️❤️❤️ #lgbt #love #support #trans #transgender #family #hereforchatz

Then Sade’s one and only child proceeded to let it all out about the hardships of being transgender:

via Izaak theo’s Instagram


via Izaak theo’s Instagram

Fun Facts About Sade’s Transgender Son

Of course, being a transgender male is who Izaak Theo is, but it is not ALL that he is. One little known fact about the young brotha, is that he’s an artist. Nope he’s not a musical artist, like his moms, Sade, and Jamaican-American music producer pops, Bob Morgan. However, Izaak is nice with a pencil and easel. Check out some of his illustrations below (swipe left).

Wishing much success to Izaak Theo in his journey.