Sammy Davis Was A Bigger Man Than Most! Check Out This Racist Encounter

Posted On : June 24, 2015

6-24 sammy cigarette big pictureSammy Davis Jr. was a man of many talents- he could dance, sing, was an excellent drummer, had the gift to stand on stage and make an arena of folks laugh…but one of his greatest talents was obviously tolerance. Okay so tolerance isn’t necessarily a talent, but based on what Sammy experienced back in the day, his level of tolerance was almost like a skill set that could have probably taken many years to acquire and in fact, many people wouldn’t have been able to acquire it at all.

You see, when it came to racism, Sammy was tested heavily before the world ever knew him as the Sammy Davis Jr., and don’t let the short height fool you, Sammy was a bigger man than most with the way he handled many racist incidents while in the military. See what happened to him on the next page…