Samuel Jackson Announces Surprising New Regular Career Many Are Giving Him Props For

Posted On : October 28, 2017
(Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage)

Legendary actor, Samuel Jackson, has been making an impact on us ever since we first watched him play the ‘neighborhood hater’ in School Dayz. Remember that? That was when Jackson’s character told Laurence Fishburne and the other “Hillman College” students that they were ‘still nigg*rs.’ Ever since Jackson, as radio DJ “Mister Señor Love Daddy” told us “waaaaake up, wake up, wake up, wake up…up you wake, up you wake,” the Do The Right Thing actor has been dominating the acting game.

Of course we can go on and on about the many roles Jackson has crushed throughout his decades-long career, but y’all get the point. Fast forward to today though and it’s his new career choice that has folks intrigued.

Jackson’s passion has always been acting, but now he’s found a way to further expand on his passion, while helping others who aspire to be like him in the process. He is officially a teacher! That’s right, former kid from Chattanooga, Tennessee is teaching an acting course to students. Here are the details:

Via Variety: “In my MasterClass, I hope students learn that there’s no limit to what they can make-believe,” Jackson said in a statement. “By the end, they’ll be able to walk into a room, present their best self, and be happy with the result.”

“As one of the most successful actors of all time, Samuel L. Jackson has a tremendous amount to teach not only about the craft of acting, but also the practical side of building your acting career,” said MasterClass CEO and co-founder David Rogier. More info on Jackson’s class is available at

MasterClass, founded in 2015, has released more than a dozen celebrity-led online courses to date. Investors include IVP, New Enterprise Associates, Javelin Venture Partners, Michael Bloomberg’s Bloomberg Beta, and Advancit Capital.

Wow, that is an opportunity of a lifetime for ANY aspiring actor to be able to actually tap into the mind of one of the greats, like Jackson. And for Samuel Jackson, at 68 years young, it’s clear to see he’s getting major fulfillment from returning to others, the gift he has learned and earned from throughout his journey. #Beautiful