Sanaa Lathan Reveals Startling Details About Hollywood Peers That Had It In For Her

Posted On : September 25, 2018

In today’s world, African Americans have a much better chance at success, but we all know it wasn’t always like that. Even now, black women in the entertainment industry are still fighting to be treated equally and receive adequate pay for their talents. To make matters worse, despite their level of talents, many black actresses still have difficulty landing starring roles in Blockbuster films.

In the past, notable actresses like Nia Long and Taraji P. Henson, have shed light on the unfair treatment they’ve been subjected to during their careers. Over the past several months Mo’Nique has had no reservations about voicing her frustrations and concerns about the same issues. Now, Sanaa Lathan is the latest actress to openly discuss her experience with the dark side of fame.

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Life Before the ‘Ever After’:

For those who don’t know, Lathan has been out and about making appearances to promote her new Netflix film Nappily Ever After. When Sanaa appeared at an Essence event at The Wing Soho for the New York premiere of the film, she opened up about some of her disheartening encounters in Hollywood, but surprising she admitted she’s been treated cruelly by other women in the industry. In the early years of her career, she came across women who were very cold.

“Just coming up in the business, I have been treated just horribly by some women that you may know,” she revealed while promoting her Netflix film Nappily Ever After at The Wing.

So, who are these women? Sanaa vowed not to name drop, but she made it clear the competitive streak was quite evident.

“I won’t call any names. But when you’re working with somebody who’s maybe a little older than you — now I’m the older one — you don’t expect to get competition, and jealousy, and weird vibes on set. And I was very hurt, very early on in my career by a couple of different women.”

The ‘Light’:

Despite the disheartening encounters Lathan dealt with, she went on to reveal a connection she made with a stunning black actress who made things a bit easier. In the new film, Violet Jones’ (Lathan’s character) mother is portrayed by “Greenleaf” star Lynn Whitfield.

Over the years, Whitfield’s iconic roles in films like Its A Thin Line Between Love & Hate have given fans the impression that she’s a no-nonsense no-bull type of women. But Sanaa Lathan has shed light on a different side of Lynn Whitfield. The Love & Basketball star spoke very highly of the beautiful veteran actress describing her as “a light.”

“You can tell that. She’s so beautiful inside and out,” Lathan added.

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If you haven’t watched Nappily Ever After just yet, Whitfield portrays Pauletta Jones, who is described as “the kind of mother who loves to put you in between her legs for a good press right near the kitchen stove” according to Essence.

During their time working together, Whitfield also offered sound words of wisdom for the Lathan. “You’re only as good as the moment you create,” she told Lathan. “You can’t create the truth by yourself.”

Nappily Ever After has won the hearts of its viewers and even Lathan admitted she loves the film. She went on to explain why it has such a special place in her heart.

“I love the fact that this is a romantic comedy, but I call it the fairy tale for the modern woman,” Lathan said of the film directed by Halle Berry. “It’s a romantic comedy about falling in love with yourself.”