See Alicia Keys’ Hubby Swizz Beatz Thoroughly CHECK Her Non-Makeup HATERS

Posted On : September 1, 2016
alicia keys and swizz beatz
Alicia Keys with husband, Swizz Beatz

Alicia Keys husband/producer, Swizz Beatz, had to take to Instagram to stand up for his woman. As we all know, we live in a ‘Damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ type of society, that at any given moment will hurl a boatload of insults at you for doing the most, or not doing enough.

For example, K. Michelle and Nicki Minaj always criticized for going too far with their alleged butt injections…

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

Lil Kim gets slammed for overdoing it with her facial plastic surgeries and wearing too much makeup.

Lil Kim
Lil Kim

Okay, well…those examples may not have been the best examples to use, but you get the point…
Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.55.30 PM

The point is that NOW, Alicia Keys is actually getting criticized for doing TOO LITTLE, by showcasing her natural beauty, withOUT makeup at the MTV Awards the other day. People were like ‘How dare she step out like that?’ and in the same breathe, were doggin’ Diddy’s woman, Cassie, for her Lil Kim inspired lime green hair. So it’s a flip-floppy world we’re in, but A. Keys took it all and stride.
alicia keys

In the meantime, Swizz stepped up to the plate to thoroughly check his wife’s haters in one of the most practical ways ever. Check this out…

Think about it this is deep #naturallove I’m not mad I’m just saying:)

A video posted by therealswizzz (@therealswizzz) on

“This is deep… Somebody sitting home mad because somebody didn’t wear makeup on their face… Not YOUR face, but they didn’t put makeup on THEIR face because they just didn’t feel like wearing makeup. But you mad because that person didn’t put on makeup to please you? Type of sh*t is this? …Cause you can do whatever you wanna do. She didn’t tell y’all don’t wear no makeup. She just said that she’s not vibin’ with the makeup all the way 100 percent like that. That’s kinda her thing that she wanna do,” said Swizz Beatz

alicia keys, beyonce, kim kardashian, cassie
(L-R top) Alicia Keys, Beyonce’, Lauren Branche, Kim Kardashian and Cassie, with their loves (L-R bottom) Swizz Beatz, Jay-Z, Steve Stout, Kanye, and Diddy at VMA after-party dinner

Well said Swizz!

Listen, it took a lil’ bit of guts and a whole LOT of confidence for A. Keys to go on national TV bare faced, on such a highly viewed show, and represent one of the most superficial industries in the world- the music industry. We all love music and the people who create it, but at the same time, the truth is that sex and sexy sells in the music game. And in our opinion, Keys didn’t represent anything less. Truth be told, one of the most beautiful features a woman can possess is self confidence- it doesn’t matter if she’s tall, short, thick, skinny, obese, wears makeup or not- confidence has always been beautiful and sexy. At the VMA’s, Alicia Keys faced the world and showed just how beautiful she really is.

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