See Gayle King’s Ex Public Apology After She Caught Him w/Naked Woman

Posted On : July 7, 2016

Gayle King’s former husband of 11 years/Connecticut Asst. Attorney General, William Bumpus, has just issued a public apology after Gayle put his cheating history on full blast and she came out with ALL guns blazing! After Gayle’s revelations surfaced recently, William had newfound fame -but probably not the type of fame he wanted- as the cheating hubby who broke Gayle’s heart. Now William has¬†manned up though and publicly apologize to his former Queen, whom it kind of sounds like he wouldn’t mind getting back (although he didn’t say that). Here’s how this hold thing started…


gayle king and her kids There were two aspects of Gayle King's and William Bumpus' marriage that they don't regret and are grateful for, their two children: daughter, Kirby (L) and son, William Jr..

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