See Why Many Called “Jeffersons” Actress Crazy For Marrying Hubby So Fast

Posted On : July 12, 2016

Remember “Jenny” from “The Jeffersons?” Although on TV she was married to “Lionel,” but REAL LIFE actress, Berlinda Tolbert, shocked many when she married her husband/former CBS journalist, Bob Reid, at lightening speed…probably before they even knew each other’s favorite color, but their love is real. Wait’ til you see this…


jenny the jeffersons bw Berlinda Tolbert and Bob got married after dating for only 11 DAYS! Nope, that is NOT a typo. They met in Atlanta in 1979, fell in love within a few days, and married a few days later in Rhode Island, NY, during Valentine's Day weekend. The first 7 years of their marriage was long distance- Berlinda lived in L.A. and Bob couldn't leave his job in N.Y. So they often commuted. SEE RECENT PHOTO OF BERLINDA & BOB NOW & 7 OTHER CELEBS WHO MARRIED SUPER FAST>>>

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