See Owners Of ILoveOldSchoolMusic Front & Center At Essence Fest!!!

Posted On : July 2, 2016
Headed out to Essence Music Fest 2016.

This may seem a little strange to those that are not part of the I Love Old School Music family on Facebook or Twitter, but we wanted to post pics of ourselves for the millions that visit our websites each month. Thru all of our happy, sad, and controversial news repostings we’ve had conversations with many of you, but we’ve never had a face to face! So here we are!

For the past 5 years, we’ve had a blast conversing with all of you in our ILOSM fam’ everyday- sometimes the conversations are great, sometimes not so great (LOL), but we’re all family on here, so we love it ALL. Looking forward to the next 5 years, and many more! -Kim & Derek

Always supporting the preservation of REAL Old School Music!


Didn’t know that was LaToya Luckett behind us.


Kim & the legendary Kim Fields.


“Old Schoolers” with Empire’s Ta’Rhonda Jones


Maxwell closed out the show last night.