See Pam Grier’s REAL Reaction To Police Shooting Unarmed Black Therapist

Posted On : July 23, 2016

After yet another shooting by police of unarmed Black therapist, Charles Kinsey (who was fully complying with officers- hands raised, lying on his back, while calming his autistic patient), Pam Grier reacted on social media and asked a potent question. She’s not alone either, other celebs, including Donnie Simpson, Shonda Rhimes, Gabrielle Union, and many more, publicly voiced their outrage over Kinsey’s shooting. We’re glad they did, because far too many celebs choose to be silent about such horrific social injustices, out of fear of losing fans, endorsements, and work and that’s really sad. Check out their tweets…


fb pam grier and therapist shotAfter the Miami police department revealed that the officer said he shot Kinsey by accident, Pam Grier tweeted "Charles Kinsey shooting was accidental? Cops 3 shots were aimed at autistic patient? Then why cuff Kinsey bleeding from an accident? WTF?" Many of her followers shared her same sentiment... pam grier tweet SEE WHAT DONNIE SIMPSON AND OTHERS SAID...

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