See How ParisJackson May Be Trying To Prove Her Blackness To Black People

Posted On : April 20, 2016

Paris Jackson holding Mj coffee cup

In the past year or so, Paris Jackson has been in somewhat of an awkward, growing up phase, that we can all relate to, of trying to find herself as she becomes an adult. In doing so, she’s raised plenty of eyebrows among many who are beginning to question some of her moves. For example, her most recent backlash was because of her current boyfriend, who proudly sports a large confederate flag tattoo on his arm and often wears confederate flag clothing. Obviously that has many of MJ’s fans heated and understandably so, because the confederate flag is bigger than just a flag as we all know, it’s a symbol of racism and hatred stemming from the era of slavery and segregation. So we, like many, are a tad bit confused about half African American, Paris dating a person who loves the symbol that represents disdain for half of her, BUT…

Michael Jackson and Paris Jackson

Interestingly, Paris might be more in tune with her Black side than we may think. How so, you ask? Well there are several pieces of her puzzle that just don’t add up and it also looks like she’s recently been trying to almost prove her “Blackness” to Black people on her Instagram page. There are also a few other reasons why it’s probably not true that she’s completely out of touch with ALL of who she is…check this out…


PARIS DEFENDS HERSELF AND HER RACE Paris had to respond to a commenter on her IG page who came at her for her black fists photo and apparently questioned her level of awareness that she is in fact half Black. Here is how Paris responded: @parisjackson: "I've been supporting my fellow members of the black community for ages, that's how i was raised. just because i used a neutral term that people of all races use, instead of the term "black" means nothing. i was just trying to be appropriate and not offend anyone. so chill."

Paris also posted an explicit laced message for her Dad's former 'friend,' Donald Trump>>>

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