See Unexpected Celeb Pallbearers Carry Ali’s Casket As Fans Cheer ‘Ali’

Posted On : June 10, 2016

The iconic Muhammad Ali has had an incredibly touching send-off fit for a champ. As the funeral procession rolled through the streets of Ali’s hometown, Louisville, KY, fans cheered “Ali! Ali!” and the funeral itself was nothing short of beautiful and star studded.

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Mike Tyson and Will Smith were pallbearers for the funeral and they helped load Ali’s casket into the hearse.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.35.51 PM
Tyson and Will Smith pictured with Ali’s loved ones at funeral. (photo via TMZ)

Initially Tyson, who has looked up to Ali his entire life, wasn’t sure that he would emotionally be able to handle Ali’s funeral and even contemplated not attending.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.36.41 PM

Ali’s spokesman reportedly revealed that Tyson was extremely distraught when he first learned that his idol passed away. But in the end, Tyson was able to hold his head high today, as he did one of the most honorable things he could ever do for Ali- help carry his champion to his final resting place.

ali casket2
Tyson picture second from bottom left side; Will Smith pictured second from top on left side of casket (his face is blocked by the guy on the side of him)

Ali’s wife, Yolanda ‘Lonnie’ Williams, appeared very somber and saddened as she entered the funeral…

Ali's wife, Lonnie

Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Ali’s adopted son, Ammad Assin, briefly spoke at yesterday’s private Muslim memorial for his dad and he shared a touching memory about Ali always being kind to people on the street and giving them rides home:

“We could be driving down the street and there’d be somebody on the road — in the middle of the road,’ Asaad said. “And he’d pick ’em up and we’d put ’em in the car and he’d take ’em home to do magic tricks. My mom would be furious at him.”

Will Smith waved and shook hands with fans as the motorcade drove through Ali’s old neighborhood. Boxing legend Lennox Lewis is seated in the front seat of this photo…

ali funeral will smith

Muhammad Ali was the greatest for many reasons and his send-off was as beautiful as his life’s journey was and I’m sure if Ali could see it he’d say something like ‘My funeral wasn’t just beautiful, it was pretty like me.’ LOL, gotta love Ali! Rest well champ!

ali funeral5


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