90s R&B Group, Soul 4 Real, Tell All About $1Mill’ Theft & Doing Prison Time

Posted On : March 28, 2016

We were over here at the ILOSM office having one of our morning brainstorm idea sessions and the name, Soul 4 Real, came up. Remember them? They were the group that was blowing up the airwaves after Heavy D mentored them in 1992. They had everybody singing “My love, do you ever dream of, candy coated rain drops…”

As soon as they were mentioned, almost simultaneously we all recalled the time in 2009 that their name was all over the news after being busted for a $1 million theft and being on the run from the cops in Duluth, Ga. (a suburb of Atlanta, Ga.).

We were curious about whatever happened with that story and we found out a whole lot more. Wait ’til you check out Soul 4 Real today and see where they are now…

The $1 Million Crime

In order to understand where they are now, we have to look back at that crime scheme that blew up in their faces in 2009. Basically one of the members, Brian Dalyrimple, eventually claimed sole responsibility for committing a $1 million bank fraud and identity theft scheme, while he was also on the run with his infant child, as the cops were plastering his most wanted mugshot all over the media. Here’s what was reported in ’09:

soul for real bw
Soul 4 Real now (via Instagram)

Via Boombox: Dalyrimple, who has been running from Duluth police since February, also faces related charges from forgery to aggravated bank fraud, after being apprehended in North Carolina with his infant son, who has been missing for well over a month.

Brothers Jason and Andre Dalyrimple, both former members of the R&B group, will be indicted for their role in the identity theft case, though police have yet to specify their exact charges. No word as to the involvement of the fourth member of the group, Christopher Dalyrimple.

The police became aware of the Dalyrimple brothers’ criminal activity when a $12,000 fraudulent charge was traced by a California victim, to Duluth. The victim notified Duluth police that false checking and credit accounts had been set up at a Georgia bank, which they then traced back to two addresses in a local apartment complex, both rented by Brian Dalyrimple, using two false names.

brian dlyrimple news report
Soul 4 Real singer, Brian Dalyrimple’s mugshot (via Pinterest)

When the police searched the apartments they turned up a variety of fake driver’s licenses, said Major Woordruff, a Duluth police officer. They also found a “multitude of fraudulently obtained credit cards, documents for bank loans, checking and savings accounts in fraudulent names, account and routing numbers belonging to legitimate accounts and documents containing identifying information of many individuals.”

According to police, Brian Dalyrimple was leasing at least four other apartments, all under different aliases. Laborah Crawford, the mother of Brian’s infant child, was arrested immediately following the search, and is being held in Gwinnett County Jail, on similar charges.

It is estimated that the Dalyrimple struck over 260 victims and at least 8 banks, for as much as $1,000,000.

[Source: Boombox.com]

Geesh! That Soul 4 Real member was keepin’ it a lil’ TOO real, right? But I guess times were tough and Brian made some very desperate decisions to do what he felt he needed to do in order to maintain a certain type of lifestyle. We all make bad choices and/or mistakes in life, but that by no means justifies what he did, I just hope he learned his lesson though because the dude is a talented singer and still has great potential.

Watch Soul 4 Real talk about that crime incident and what they’re doing now…


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